Monday, February 12, 2018

Trump's Budget Proposal Throws Granny Off The Cliff
"The White House released a decade-long budget request Monday [02/12/2018] that lays out $3.6 trillion in deficit reduction while calling for hundreds of billions more to be pumped into the Pentagon.

The Trump administration is proposing deeper cuts to safety net programs — including Medicare, which the president on the campaign trail swore he wouldn’t touch — to help fund what it calls a “more lethal” military."

Demonstration of Hypocrisy (2013)

Oh Sean, Sean, Sean.
4 years ago you thought it was an abomination for Obama to try and expand healthcare by leaning into the Medicare budget. BUT I assume you have no problem with Trump now using stealing these funds to finance his military ambitions instead of for granny's medical needs.

Apparently Republicans, Trump & you Sean no longer have a problem with racking up trillion$ in debt as long as it doesn't go towards any of our social programs. The hell with em' sickies. In nature only the strong survive right?

Talk About A Lying Sack Of $#*&..

Grandma And Grandpa
Here's what's in store for you...

That ad appeared in May 2011 then shortly after Republicans took control of both sides of Congress. Some (like Sean) called it BS. Can't say voters weren't warned. Now Trump is proposing to actually do it.

What do think about it now--
Still think it's BS?

The should scare the bejesus out of you...

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