Tuesday, February 6, 2018

So Many Confusing TV Services

Gee if there was only someone who could invent something where TV shows would be all in one place.

Duh.. Somebody Did.
It's Called Cable TV!

To me this whole fragmentation is one giant con which no doubt will end up costing lots more. This isn't a step forward. It's a giant leap backward. Just look at those prices and add them up. I'd bet anything most would sign up to any each of them only because they were interested in one or two shows each offered. Now breakdown the cost of each of the limited shows you'd be watching. It'll probably work out to $4 or $5 each.

Talk About A Con Job!
Each of these monster companies are withholding their best shows for themselves. All the while starving out existing cable company's channels which are practically barren of anything worth watching. At the same time putting the squeeze on cable companies forcing them to buy bundled crap even they wouldn't watch.

Look I get it. These guys are greedy pigs. But if you think for one movement most people like myself are going to end up paying $4 or $5 a show they're nuts. Sure there will always be fools who will fall into their trap where TV ends up costing them 2-4x's as much. However I don't see how there won't come a day consumers won't have buyers remorse if Cable TV should ever come to an end and no longer be available. And if you think internet providers aren't going to jack up prices when it does you're in for a rude awakening.

How The Old Business Model Was Better For Consumers
Having only three major networks allowed for better shows because of the concentration on them. Take a look back years ago when shows were able to pay for comedy writers, songwriters, orchestras, costume designers/makers and set designers for countless variety shows each and every week. Shows which aired nearly 26 episodes instead of 13 (with many skipping weeks in-between). Sponsors picked up the entire tab. When cable came along these behemoths started forcing cable customers to chip in even more. As if this wasn't enough to satisfy their greed they forced us to bundle and pay for channels they created few wanted.

Instead of literally hundreds and hundreds of TV networks where only 1 or 2 million viewers tune in for a program there once were millions upon millions watching each. This now means advertisers have to spend tons more money all spread out just hoping their message will be seen. So too was a time consumers didn't have to spend wads of money for 90% of the crap TV we're never going to watch.

Now it's finally come down to this. These companies want to eliminate the middlemen (cable and local TV broadcast stations) so they can get and keep all the loot directly for themselves. Will people allow themselves to be taken hostage?

Probably--but I won't be one of them.

57 Channels?
Gotten a whole lot worse since 1992, hasn't it?

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