Sunday, January 14, 2018

Understand The Immigration System

There's a brouhaha going on over immigration reform. Before anyone can discuss reform they need to first understand the system. The following video tries to do just that.

In my opinion we already have a pretty good system. Like any other system it's never a bad idea to take a look at how it's working and what can be done to make it better from time to time.

However for years Congress has expressed little interest in reform. Congress hasn't made a single piece of legislation despite pressure from both the Obama and Trump administrations. Is it because they think it's good enough already or fear the loss of votes tinkering with it?

One thing is for certain if any changes are to be made it should be based entirely on what's best for both immigration and U.S. citizens not the political parties or their pundits. Data should be carefully evaluated on how this affected the economy, individuals' quality of life and security over a number of years.

From what I'm seeing everything has been blown out of proportion. There's no immediate crises to get this done, but since the world is ever changing it's a really good idea for congress to improve on how we approach enforcement and whom we allow to become our neighbors without prejudice. Currently things are helter skelter.

Oh and while we're at it..
No one should be cutting funding to the U.N. and nations hosting refugee camps like we have been doing. This should be part of the solution to deter illegals crossing borders. Either we and other nations help people where they live or make it so miserable they'll do anything out of desperation to survive. Continued funding would be to everyone's benefit.

Putting it in less noble more selfish cruder terms I'll explain it this way. If someone doesn't want birds in their backyard-- erect feeding stations and birdhouses down the street.

If these countries can handle this another way we sure as hell should be able too !!!

Some of us in United States do care.

A country's measure should not be how much wealth or the military might it has. Rather it's greatness should be measured by what's in peoples' hearts.

What's in yours?

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