Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Putin Must Be Laughing His Ass Off

Here you have congress investigating it's own most trusted investigating agencies and each other.

One half of the politicians trying to destroy the other half to get to see who ruins runs the country.

Downsizing the State Department while most times at odds with the President.

The news media poisoning the waters of public opinion better then the Russian news agency TASS could ever hope to achieve in it's wildest dreams.

Government planning on spending trillion$ more then what created our huge deficits each year for decades. This even before slashing taxes.

The U.S. creating new endless wars with other countries Russia can befriend and make a ton of loot selling arms to use against us.

Putin doesn't have to lift a finger creating division. We do a much better job of it on ourselves. He can sit back and watch us cower over illegals, N. Korea, terrorists, endless wars, and people of all stripes fearing one another within for dozens of reasons. To name a few. Things like job losses, ethnic differences, gender, economic inequalities and more importantly the ever increasing distrust of our own government quite possibly more then his.

Wrapping This Up
A lot has happened to people's attitudes since the end of WWII. About the only thing "united" about the United States is it's name only. The thing that unites people is when they feel threatened. Unfortunately power brokers in this country have exploited this to their advantage. Far too many people it's seems are ignorant of the fact they are being used as pawns.

One could lay blame on Putin, Trump, congress, the media or business leaders. In reality fault lies in each individual who refuses to see the whole is made up by the sum of it's parts. Continuing not to accept our commonality means soon we'll be left with none.

Like it or not...
We're all stuck here together in the fishbowl we all call Earth

What we make of it is up to us.

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