Friday, January 26, 2018

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Check out the comments on the post just below this. Someone said...
First, the DOJ does not have to prove actual money transactions in the Pawlowski case. All they have to prove is intent. It is ironic that everybody around Pawlowski is lying, even his main cover-man Fran Daugherty, while Pawlowski plays Sergeant Schultz. Second, Charlie Dent is a do nothing establishment congressman. For years he complained of Obama Care, but he has proposed nothing to change it and when he could have supported change, he refused. Third, Sanctuary cities are violating federal law. Therefore, they should face criminal and civil action. Fourth, Trump just unveiled a pathway to citizenship to DACA dreamers."

Check out my response.
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Sheeple, Sheeple, Sheeple
Several days many media sites parroted this headline--
French Shoppers Go Full Black Friday Over Flash Nutella Sale

Can't these media dopes recognize a staged video when they see one? I'm 100% positive if I set up a display at a local market with this same sale price I wouldn't get 10 people interested unless I paid them to carry on. Marketing people get paid to stage these videos hoping they will go viral. DUH !
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If You Can't Raise The Bridge..
Lower The Water

NPR--After Revelations Of Gender Pay Gap At BBC, 4 Male Hosts Agree To Salary Cut
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Sean Hannity Had A Oopsie Moment

Two things worth noting.
Last night Sean Hannity did his show live. Later Sean was informed FOX's own Ed Henry found three people who collaborated this story This is what happens when Sean can't do a do-over. The other is April Ryan of 'The Urban Radio Network" reported on this over the summer. It didn't get traction until 'The New York Times' came out with this story last night (01/25/2018).
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Google Planning To Reinvent The Wheel?
There are reports Google is planning a hyper-local news app. Sounds to me like the former "Patch News" service to me. Good luck with that. :-)
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The NFL rejected an advertisement objecting to not standing for the National Anthem. Good! Let's just play football. Traditionally all the ads have been cleaver and funny. Save that crap for the awards shows (I never watch).
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Winter Fuel Bills From Several Sources
Neighbors to either side of me have fuel oil. Their bills came in around $700 (not including electric). One person I follow on Facebook has all electric. His was just over $700. I have natural gas. Mine was $370.30 + $106.52 for electric. I run mine 24 hours at a constant 73 degrees. This house has the old sash windows with weights. I've tried many things over the years. What I learned (with the large old hot water radiators) it's best to leave the thermostat at a constant level. Anyone have a story to tell?
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On Monday, January 22nd, 2018...

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