Sunday, January 7, 2018

Bernie Sanders In 2016 Debates (Healthcare)

Any thoughts On Bernie's Plan?
Would you be willing to pay more in taxes if it meant a lot less out of pocket expenses for college, healthcare premiums (and copays), etc. resulting in a larger net income?
I posted this because the focus in Washington is now on Trump and the media's reputations, foreign policies, the upcoming budget renewal, DACA, immigration and just about anything but issues on healthcare and education. Two which would directly affect everyone far more then any of these others.

One of the main talking points Trump campaigned and won on was his pledge to create a more affordable and better healthcare program then Obama's. I'm unwilling to let go and forget his promise. Neither should voters.

I've noticed a huge spike in the number of hits on my pieces that don't involve these kind of political hot potato items. Thought I'd give it another shot. If too few are interested most likely I will avoid posting on those political in nature going forward.

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