Saturday, January 13, 2018

Airing My Thoughts About Trump (One Last Time)

I've stated numerous times my intentions of not posting political items. I'd like to speak not in political terms but rather as to the character of this President.

Forget Politics. It's All About Character
It seems to me Trump measures another country or someone's value by the amount of money they accumulate or their technological achievements. This while ignoring the role United States played throughout history in making many of these other nations the way they've become. Anyone who studies history will see how many times United States has installed puppet dictators in countries we've never should have been involved in to their determent. Through our policies we've forced many into poverty For example some of the closest to us are Cuba and other Caribbean nations such as Haiti.

Trump (and his supporters it seems) are unable to accept individuals who are raised in poverty or the lower end of the pay scale. Take for example this past year. Donald never invited a single person to his properties who didn't shell out a ton of loot to be there. He could have invited coal miners and their families he smoozed to get elected. Same goes with the police, firemen and all those other families he claims to champion. Did he give out of his own pocket a single gift or meal at Christmas or any other time of the year at any of his properties? Face it the man doesn't like to fraternize with the common worker or their family. He apparently doesn't want them to smell up his joints. The only time you'll see them with him is for a photo op at the White House.

I Don't Think Trump Is A Racist
I'm of the belief in his eyes anyone who doesn't have a fat portfolio he considers a lesser human being irregardless of their ethnicity. This is what I believe is driving his immigration polices. In brief he has no use for the unwashed masses Where they come from or their religion doesn't matter one bit as long as they come with a fat wallet and speak well towards him.

The same goes for his policies domestically. Anyone who is below a certain stature or economical level is useless as far as he's concerned. Hence why he is so dangerous to the future for the average American when it comes to his future policies. It doesn't matter whether someone is black, white, Hispanic, Jew or whatever their linage is-- if you can't afford to be in his club or praising him-- you ain't in it.

It doesn't matter whether someone is Republican, Democrat, woman, man, black white, born of this country or elsewhere. We're talking strictly about Donald Trump's nature and whether we're willing to succumb to his values or accept those who are our fellow human beings.

Can We For Once Forget The Politics?
If we can't see beneath what binds us all over that which separates us we are doomed to the fate that awaits as a result.

I absolutely will post no more about this on this blog until it blows up (and it will).

At that time I will do a "See I Told You So". Expect no more of this from me.

I did all I can do to sounding the warning.

(I already regret doing this one)

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