Thursday, December 21, 2017

Sean Hannity What's Wrong With You?

Sean Tweeted these out..

Sean you did notice YOUR SOURCE WAS NBC NEWS?

Here's the link to the story if anyone is interested in reading what Sean was referencing to as his source.

Look we all know where this is coming from. Trump watches this crappy network then gets a bee under his bonnet. One of the things I noticed about this bunch. Whenever they point fingers it's as if they're pointing into a mirror right back towards themselves doing exactly whatever it is they're accusing someone of. If you take just about everything Sean and Donald say and flip it 180 degrees you'll be pretty damn close to what's really going on.

Somehow they think the best defense is to go on the offense. Problem is this only works when there's some semblance to the truth. Oh well at least Donald and Sean both have nice hair--even if there's not much going on underneath.

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