Friday, November 17, 2017

Sure Do Miss The Old TNN

We were regular viewers of 'The Nashville Network'. Since it changed ownership and formats it will never become as popular as it once was. You know what they say--you can never go home again. No truer words spoken when it comes to the kind of homespun down to earth entertainment it once provided. Nor how well we got to know the entertainers who had spoken genuinely of themselves and others. Not to mention the amazing talent.

World's Most Famous Unknown Band (03/1990)

How many did you recognize?
Chet Atkins introduced Glen Campbell, Jerry Reed, Steve Wariner, Roy Clark, Ray Stevens, Ricky Skaggs, Lee Greenwood, Steve Gatlin, Barbara Mandrell, and Irlene Mandrell.

Here are a few more great TNN memories...

All-Star Salute To Ralph Emery In 1990

March 10, 2017 Ralph turned 84 years old

Ye Gads how I miss this bunch of wonderfully sincere people, There never ever again will be another era like that seen on TNN some 14 years ago. As far as I'm concerned when TNN shut down on August 11, 2003 is when genuine country music died.

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  1. Extra Info
    I knew a friend of a friend who worked a spell in the 'Nashville Now' band. He said there was a steady turnover because the band had to learn 10-15 new songs every week. Musical notes were written in some sort of shorthand. He said it was exhausting trying to keep up with all the guests requiring their musical and vocal backups for their performances on the show.

    'Nashville Now' was recorded outside in a pavilion--thus why it didn't air year round.


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