Tuesday, November 7, 2017

My Unapologetic Vote For Ray O'Connell

As I post this the election is still going on (11/07/2017). I'm not sure how things will turn out in the run for Allentown's next mayor but I voted for Ray O'Connell as a matter of conscience. He's the guy I want.

During the last presidential elections I held my nose and voted for Hillary even though I didn't want her. I wanted Bernie Sanders but resisted writing him in. I wrestled with this up until two hours before I voted. Felt guilty ever since.

Not anymore. I refuse from this point forward to cast my vote based on election strategies that tend to call mine a wasted vote. If there's guilt to be had let it be on those who voted for either of the two other candidates I feel didn't deserve to hold the office of mayor.

I feel Nat Hyman hasn't engaged in civic participation. He never spoke at council meetings nor had Allentown committee involvements. Hence we have no idea where he stood on the incinerator project, parks, the city water deal, NIZ, taxes and whole host of other hot button issues. When they occurred he was MIA. He never ran for council nor any other political office until he decided to run for mayor.

When it comes to Ed Pawlowski I think it should be more then obvious why I wouldn't give him a second of my consideration.

Ray O'Connell has been active throughout his career on school district issues and his previous commitment on city council. Without a doubt he has more experience over his lifetime in public service then either of the two other candidates.

While some may not agree with my choice let it not be said I was willing to compromise my beliefs in this election. Being in the majority doesn't always make it right.

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  1. You fell into the O'Connell/Hendricks siphon trap wherein they ensured their secretive preferred candidate, Fast Eddie Pawlwoski, a victory by their write-in candidacy plan. Congratulations to you! Enjoy more homicides, gangs, thugs and drug Lords since "Fast Eddie" has no plan to stop this except to give out basketballs and mini footballs by his inexperienced police administration who have no clue in policing.


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