Sunday, November 19, 2017

Country Music Sunday Videos

Some of my old time favorites.

To be frank I decided to post these videos which mean so much to me instead of focusing on all the other crap going on These were recorded back in the days before entertainment artists spouted off their political views at every venue. When news on TV did actual reporting about events instead of featuring a bunch of chattering monkeys trying to outdo each other Before the internet which allowed every idiot in the world try and make themselves feel important. When people actually listened with appreciation instead of trying to make everything about themselves.

Sorry if I seem a bit cranky, but I'm sorta burned out right now with a world in which everyone seems consumed with themselves Kinda think I'll focus (at least in the short term) on retreating to my happy place. At a time which at least it appeared song writers, movies and entertainers inspired more then those we're seeing today. The movies, entertainers and song writers in the wartime era of the 40's were far more positive then anything being produced today.

I really truly wish the world and it's people were as I believed they were in my younger days. If not--I will always have these videos to believe it were so.

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