Friday, November 3, 2017

Bernie Sanders Got Railroaded

FOX News 11/02/2017

As the expression goes-- NO SHIT DICK TRACY
Sanders supporters like myself has been saying this for a long time. On Sunday, July 16, 2017 I posted How The DNC Helped Donald Trump Win-- Many conservatives accuse Democrats of being sore losers. In part they are right, but not because Hillary lost. Rather because Bernie Sanders didn't win. If there was any rigging going on it was done more by the DNC then the Russian government.

May 2016

The Nevada Democrats Convention Caucus in May 2016

What Hillary and the Democratic party did was not illegal but it most certainly undermined our democracy and the will of the people. In the end supporters for Bernie either chose not to vote at all or voted out of spite for Trump. Now look where we are. Yes indeed Russia did give it their all trying to influence the election but couldn't have done near the damage to Bernie as they were able to Hillary.

Between Donald's erratic tweets and the Clinton's past baggage few (if any) problems wouldn't be an issue today. There would be no Mueller investigation. We wouldn't be talking about Russian campaign interference in the election. Donald's so-called dossier, questionable financial dealings and property holdings. Hillary's WikiLeaks emails, erased servers, uranium deals. etc.

Instead we'd be focused on things that really matter to each of us. Medicare, Social Security, healthcare and all the other things more important then both party's badmouthing and name calling each other trying to tear each the other down.

Somehow people seem unable to speak of Bernie as a Independent or Democrat. Instead always insisting that the word "socialist" be used before mentioning either his name or party affiliations. So look what we have instead--two extremely rich well connected politicos to wall street. Assuming people have at least a bit of intelligence to recognize the difference between a "socialist" and a "communist"-- which of the three (Trump, Clinton, Sanders) do you think would have benefited each of us personally the most?

It disappoints me no matter how much Russia tried to influence the election--how artful a bullshitter Trump is or those people who will support Hillary come hell or high water--the American voters were so easily duped. I saw through the obvious the entire time. Why oh why couldn't others?

Last thoughts. People may argue Bernie couldn't have gotten anything done because he didn't have either party's support. Yeah how's that going?

No there won't be tax reform. No there won't be a DACA agreement. No there won't be immigration reform. No not a healthcare package either. A balanced budget--forget about that too. So how much worse could have it been if Bernie would have won? At least we wouldn't be bogged down in these investigations and tearing apart nearly everything past presidents initiated.

Some will insist it couldn't get much worse then it was. Well I'm here to tell ya--yes it can.

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