Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Allentown Mayor Pawlowski Won Here's Why

He had more votes. Yes as strange as that seems to some--this is how elections work.

Pawlowski Won. It wasn't because of...
Ray O'Connell and his supporters writing him in (splitting the votes).
Overwhelming minorities support.
A backlash against Trump.
Allentown voters are a bunch of ignorant Democrats.
'The Morning Call''. The very ones pointing the finger at them were the ones said nobody reads it. So now they accuse them? Folks you can't have it both ways.

For years I hear how the Republicans get screwed over by all of the above. Could it just be because of their refusal to take responsibility for failure?

Normally there's not a Republican candidate to vote for in Allentown. The excuse is why bother they wouldn't win anyway. Wow that's a hellva lame justification. I myself voted for both Heydt (R), Burke (R) and Hershman (R) and others. Yeah sometimes they won--sometime they lost. But blaming Democrats for them not even running a candidate doesn't cut it.

Many of these same conservatives here locally have repeatedly criticized Hillary Clinton's for her constant whining blaming everyone for her loss except herself.

Yeah that doesn't cut it with me from either her or those here locally on the other end of the political spectrum.

Let me put this another way. If your team lost it wasn't because the other team sucks. The way sportsmanship works is no matter how much players dislike the other team or their backers they get back on their feet then try and win the next game. Nobody likes a team that finds all kind of excuses why everyone else is at fault for their loss. Then refuse to play their opponents again. I doubt few would support such a team.

Of course I'm not happy with the outcome. It's particularly sad that Lehigh Valley Republicans couldn't even muster enough votes to defeat someone like Pawlowski. This speaks more to they then it does Pawlowski's win. Blaming others isn't going to take the party where it needs to go.

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  1. I agree the republican turnout was terrible, however, as previously stated, "the O'Connell/Hendricks siphon plan" worked perfectly. Part II of the plan is simple, when Boss Hogg goes to jail, [and he will], O'Connell will get full support of council for this position. Who wins, the O'Connell supporters and the democratic party.


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