Thursday, October 19, 2017

Trump's Promises 10 Months In

Let's Check Them Out...
Healthcare Reform--Nope, In Progress
New Trade Deals--Nope, In Progress
New Immigration Policy--Nope, In Progress
Tax Reform--Nope, In Progress
International Conference To Defeat ISIS--Nope, In Progress
Create Private White House Veterans Hotline--Nope, In Progress
Invest $550 Billion In Infrastructure--Nope, In Progress
Eliminate Common Core--Nope, In Progress
Hiring Freeze On Federal Employees--Nope, In Progress
Cancel Global Warming Payments To The UN--Nope, In Progress
Renegotiate The Iran Deal--Nope, In Progress
End the Defense Sequester--Nope, In Progress
Move U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem--Nope, In Progress
Reverse Barack Obama's Cuba Policy--Nope, In Progress
Rebuild The Marine Corps To 36 Battalions--Nope, In Progress
Reverse China's Entry Into The World Trade Organization--Nope, In Progress
Build A Wall And Make Mexico Pay For It--Nope, In Progress
Cancel All Funding Of Sanctuary Cities--Nope, In Progress
Use U.S. Steel For Infrastructure Projects--Nope, In Progress
End birthright Citizenship--Nope, In Progress
Balance The Federal Budget --Nope, In Progress
Enact 5-Year Ban On White House And Congressional Officials From Lobbying-- Executive order places 5-year lobbying ban on White House officials, leaves out Congress


To be fair I did many keyword searches trying to find any major legislation passed by congress then sent to the president. I found none. If you have any please link them in the comments below.

Otherwise it seems...

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