Sunday, October 29, 2017

Fact Free Tweets From The Donald

Well it's another weekend of Golf (every weekend in October)--time for more of Donald's fact free tweets.

First off it's Trumpcare. This after taking several executive actions against it. "Soon"? Anyone really believe that? It's been 10 months Chances are Donald's definition of "soon" may be in two years after coming into office. This may not be how others see the word "soon". Some may question if ever.

Well actually in 1992 the " JFK Assassination Records Collection Act" required the National Archives to release the files by October 26, 2017. Prior to that act they weren't suppose to be released until 2029. So what Donald seems to imply it was he rather then George H.W. Bush and congress who should receive credit. Course Donald could have blocked them. Should Donald be given credit for their release in so choosing not to do so? This tweet at best is misleading.

"Forced To Close"--lie much? Back in May it was announced the show was scheduled to run 12 full weeks until October 22, 2017. That's exactly how long it ran. It's not unusual for Broadway shows to announce limited engagements ahead of time. Even shows that have scheduled unlimited runs have many stars appear when they first open and will only appear for whatever period.

The show took in $4.2 M. Not a bad chunk of change considering his film "Trumpland" grossed only $151,500. On the other hand his 2012 film "Fahrenheit 9/11" was the highest-grossing documentary of all time. Grossing over $200 million. "Capitalism: A Love Story"- $14.4M. "Sicko"- $24M.

So Donald you may not like Moore's politics but I wouldn't call him "sad". He seems to be doing alright for himself. He may not always hit it out of the park with his endeavors but at least he's never filed a bankruptcy.

Gosh sakes Donald fact checking you and POX FOX News every day is exhausting--even for the hardiest fact checkers.

Friday judge former judge Jeanine Pirro went off (again)
She hasn't sat on the bench for almost 25 years

Sheesh-- False Outrage Much?

Is she still pissed she lost against Hillary's run for the Senate in 2006 when she dropped out after polling only 30% to Hillary's 62%? Maybe she's still angry being federally investigated for allegedly illegal wiretapping her then husband. OR the $1million IRS fine he racked up in 2000 damaging her career prospects. Could all these make her the infuriated woman she seems to be?

Now about that video (see the link). I'm not going to exhaust myself disputing every detail, but here's a whopper. Obama and Hillary DID NOT "APPROVE 1/5TH OF OUR URANIUM TO RUSSIA". None of it can be exported because 'Uranium One' does not have an export license. It's absolutely 100% false Russia can sell "OUR" uranium to our enemies (Iran).

We don't know yet what Mueller's investigation has uncovered, Must be pretty threatening for the former judge to want the firing of Sessions, Mueller and locking up dozens others she deems threatening. Seems to me if she's calling the whole Trump thing bullshit she should have nothing to worry about letting it play out in the courts she once represented. Me thinks thou protest too much. Why?

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