Friday, September 8, 2017

Why Do Some People Have To Be So Damn Ugly?

Philly TV anchor Nydia Han was nearly hit by a car and told 'This is America.'

I tried to embed her Facebook video but couldn't find a way to do it. Viewers of ABC6 Philadelphia know her quite well. Nydia is of Korean decent born right here in the good ole USA making here 100% American as you or I. She's a very intelligent fair minded professional but even she can become fed up. I urge people to check out her video.

What makes this interesting to me is the differences between responses on her Facebook which were nearly 100% positive as compared to the comments by turds on Here were a few of those (although the positive seem to outweigh the negative).
Me so horneeeey.

Why is this news? Some nobody reporter claims that someone was mean to her and it gets attention even though she has no proof it ever happened?

It's a great opportunity for this propaganda site to tell everyone how racist, sexist and xenophobic white men are.

Because she thinks she is special.

Ms. Han, will you speak up against quotas against Asians getting into college because they are Asian or will you keep you mouth shut because the liberal agenda trumps what is right?

These liberal snowflakes are easily offended anymore.... America needs to toughen up a bit. What ever happened to sticks and stones ...

The mainstream media puts a liberal "slant" (no pun intended) on the boring news -- and even non-news like this alleged incident -- in order to boost interest and thus advertising revenue.

Do you have proof that it actually happened? Even if it did, it's not newsworthy except for the fact that this liberal rag gets a chance to bash white people again!!!

Way to go INKY! True to form.- please, go out of business.
Of course most of the conversation devolved into partisan bickering.

The point I'm trying to make here is anyone who chooses a career which puts them in the public eye is susceptible of becoming a punching bag. If we the public expect great minds to run this country, become reporters or entertainers fewer and fewer of the talent will choose to do so. Why should they when they can earn a decent living outside public view?

Each day that passes I find myself less tolerant of those who spew their ignorance. I strongly urge media and anyone else who allows such dissemination to end such practice. Everyone has a right to free speech, it's another to allow others to abuse that right to spread their sick hatreds and negativities. In so doing they become an accessory giving amplification to the worst who walk among us. Thus I urge PHILLY.COM to pull comments on this post like they do on others. Same goes with the all so many other sites that allow this kind of BS on various stories. I fail to see how this serves any good purpose.

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