Saturday, September 9, 2017

What A Way To Travel !

'The Sun' (UK)

Check it out on 'The Sun'. They have a cool video and bunch of pictures I'll tell you why I was drawn to this article. I have a story which relates to it.

Years ago my former boss and his brothers took an RV out west into the woods of Oregon. Like everyone else they dragged their car behind it on a trailer. They decided to go deep into the woods using back roads to camp. Most of them unpaved. They thinking nothing of it. When they finally arrived many miles later they got out and walked around to the back. Yeah you probably guessed it?

The car they had in tow was battered to the hilt. The windshield and hood looked like they came under machine gun fire. The side mirrors were hanging. Stones penetrated under the hood puncturing the radiator causing it to leak out completely. Needless to say how stupid they looked to other drivers on the way home towing a piece of junk looking like it was shot up. So not cool.

In An Unrelated Travel Story
A coworker of mine once flew out west for vacation. When he got there he rented a car to see the sights up close and personal. These were the days before GPS so he wanted to get a tourist map at the filling station before he set out across the Mojave desert. The attendant told him he didn't have one, but if he continued down the road and made his first right there would be an official tourist office. What he didn't tell him the first right down the road was 40 miles away. He made the right and about mile in came across a shack marked travel office. He parked walked up knocked on the door for several minutes till some scraggly looking old guy around 80 years old answered the weathered beaten door. Once inside the old timer told him he's the first he's seen in about a month. He then proceeded to scrounge around yellow boxes and finally produced a map for him. Not what he was expecting. Neither is what came next.

Returning to the main road in his rental, one horrific sand storm came up. Well he finally made it to his destination where he could return the rental. What he encountered next was one pissed off rental agent. Apparently the agent wasn't too pleased with him returning a car which had it's paint nearly all sand blasted off and the air filter clogged with sand.

So what have we learned kids?
(1) Never tow a car on stone roads behind an RV.
(2) Never use your own car if you can avoid it.
(3) Vacations can be filled with lots of unexpected adventure. Especially for those who decide to take a fun filled Caribbean cruise during hurricane season. And for those cruise passengers who end up in a airport during a snowstorm before making it to the ship. What a bummer, eh?

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