Sunday, September 10, 2017

What Hurricane Victims Can Look Forward To

2 Years After Hurricane Sandy Struck in 2012

10 years after Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005

Katrina and Sandy came years apart. Irma & Harvey came within days of each other. Already bankrupt Puerto Rico faces a crisis worse then before the storm. The Caribbean islands so too will face a crisis whose economies depend almost entirely on tourists. Every week about eight cruise ships carrying 2,000 or more passengers ply the waters between the Caribbean islands along with their hundreds of onboard workers on each. Dozens more of airplane flights bringing guests into the islands. I consider myself fortunate to have visited these islands in the Caribbean. By doing so I realize how fragile their economics are. How dependant their people are on visitors who expect quality accommodations. Much the same goes with tourist visitors in those previously hit by hurricanes in our own country.

We'd all like to believe somehow it'll work out and everything will be as it was before. History proves otherwise. So many lives impacted will be changed forever. No matter how you slice it, once a hurricane hits things are never the same again.

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