Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Trump Have Too Much On His Platter?

Congress has to come up with legislation on the debt limit, DACA, tax reform, the budget and disaster relief. In addition to dealing with the ongoing Russian investigation. North Korea's threats. Trade deals. Immigration reform. Revamping governmental regulations. Revising healthcare. Defense spending. Developing policies dealing with cyber security threats and leaks.

Looking at the congressional calendar there's only 11 work days left for the house in September. 12 for the Senate. From October going forward to the end of the year 36 work days remain for the house-- 44 for the Senate. Can they get it all done before the first of the year? Looking back over the last 8 months or so it isn't looking too promising. Given Trump's inclination who knows how many more tasks Trump will come up for them.

One of the biggest problems, as I see it, Trump wants to greatly reduce taxes and impose trade sanctions This while concurrently increasing spending. $1 trillion for infrastructure. 10% more ($50 billion) for defense. Coupla' billion more for a wall and border patrols. Increased spending for detentions and deportations. Increasing dollars for military interventions. Billions more for disaster relief. Something gotta give.

Every day there seems to be another crisis.

Oh for the days of no drama Obama...

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