Monday, September 4, 2017

Thoughts I Have About Fires

I read this report from 'The Express Times'-- Mom, 2 children confirmed dead in swift-moving blaze

I'm completely confused why we continue to build homes made of tinder. Throughout the ages ancients use to build their structures made of concrete and stone which still are around to this day. There's nothing more plentiful then concrete and stone. Many a time when we stayed at Wildwood Crest, NJ in a motel I commented on how the motel was built from modular pieces of concrete, Nothing could be less flammable.

Why Only Use Concrete For The Foundations?
I'm not for putting a bunch of carpenters out of work, but surely labor would be a lot cheaper to bolt concrete pieces together. Concrete will outlast any wood structure and be far less flammable. Even embedded iron pipes if they should rust would still be protected by the concrete surrounding them. Once wood rots it becomes useless. Concrete can be crunched up and reused in future buildings. Am I missing something?

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