Monday, September 4, 2017

My Views On Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

First of all we have to understand what DACA is.

What A President Giveth, Another Can Take Away
Something I think we can all agree on. Currently 10 states are renewing their lawsuits in court to overturn Obama's executive action. Reluctantly on this one I agree with Donald Trump. It's not fair to these people to leave them in limbo from one administration to the next. This is something congress needs to decide on for once and all. Of course I don't expect this will happen. Congress has been kicking this can around since before President Reagan issued his own executive actions.

There's plenty of good arguments on both sides, but I hesitate to make Trump the bad guy here. There's plenty of blame to go around when it comes to congress's inactions over these many years. Some may accuse Donald of dumping it on congress. I'm not one of them. I prefer congress make the rules that govern our country rather then a bunch of executive actions at the hands of various presidents. Laws should not be set by judges or any one president. It's not good for our country.

Although I can understand President Reagan and Obama's frustrations with congress, these actions result in never ending divisions time after time again. It was well thought out by our founders to design our country not to act too hastily on important matters. However this is ridiculous. Congress needs a fire lit under their butt. In my opinion, that's exactly what Trump has done.

That said here's how I feel about DACA itself. Let everyone already in the program stay in the program. Those not in the program give them 30 or 60 days join it if the decision is made to end it. In other words we will honor our agreements with those currently, but no longer going forth. Anyone bringing their kids here need to know we're serious and will receive immediate deportation without repeal or question.

Some opponents argue other countries wouldn't put up with this. Well we're not other countries, nor should we be. I said for years we can't overload the boat and allow it to sink. It's just the way things are. We can't ignore this truth. No I don't believe they are terrorists or necessarily freeloaders, but in order for a well organized society to function we need certain rules. Ones which limits who and how many we're willing and able to take into our home.

On The Other End Of The Stick
We allow too many foreign H-1B work permits for so-called "specialty workers" which corporations selfishly abuse to displace our skilled workers with cheap foreign labor. The H-2B permits for temporary non-agriculture workers doesn't seem to be nearly the problem as the H-1B. They're mostly used by resorts and amusement parks who have trouble hiring seasonal locals. On the other hand we should hand out H-2A visas like they're water. They are for agricultural work that Americas made it very clear they're unwilling to do. Currently this process is overly complicated and should be lessened so.

In Summary
We need to be far more welcoming in greater numbers to students, legal workers and those who've played by the rules (such as current DACA enrollees). We should not be assuming all who come here are enemies who came only to drain our resources. Hence congress needs to establish clearly defined laws that extends the welcome mat to those most deserving. While at the same time establishing definitive rules against what will no longer be tolerated. These kind of things shouldn't be left up to presidential politics every few years. Time to stop kicking the can down the road.

Reagan was on the right track with his amnesty. Problem was they kept right on a coming because congress failed to enact strict deportation rules after that. If I had my druthers I'd revisit what Ronnie did, but this time promise we won't make the same mistake a second time when it comes to deportation. No exceptions. You come without permission--you go. No appeals. No questions asked. No time extensions. No exceptions.

I'm willing to be merciful this one last time for those already here. But also unwilling to show any mercy in the future. This a cheaper and more practical solution but not one who's patience should be tested. The world should be put on notice--from this point forward no one's welcome in my backyard without permission--period.

Now it's up to congress. Will they make it so?
I doubt it if history is any indication.

So here we are left spinning our wheels again--time after time--due to congress's inaction on this matter.

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