Monday, September 11, 2017

My Gut Response To The Equifax Breach

First off-- let me explain this response comes from a thick headed curmudgeon who is in no way an expert. Take it for what it's worth.

(1) Ain't no way I'm going to pay for anything these guys screwed up. If some thief steals my ID from them and takes them for a ride why should I be on the hook? This puts victims in an impossible situation. How are we suppose to come up with evidence for something that never occurred? This whole thing throws justice on it's rear. Guilty until proved innocent is totally unacceptable.

(2) If you think I'm going to sign up with you guys for protection you've gotta be nuts. You couldn't even protect yourselves with my information Why should I trust you with even more?

(3) If Equifax and other agencies really cared they'd "freeze" everyone's credit applications on their own. Why should we have to? All future applications should be "frozen" until they come up with a better way of verifying them. It's not that hard. When it comes to in-person, online mortgage/credit applications and the IRS nobody gets nothing till they FAX, email photocopies or mail various documents only they have in their possession. Crooks may have information, but in no way have hard documentation.

(4) Receivers of Social Security shouldn't feel threatened if the SS administration takes the time to mail or call beneficiaries before making changes to their direct deposits. Will they?

(5) Everyone is assuming the hackers were after money. Just what if it were a foreign country looking to screw with our elections instead? They could change elections registrations to a different party or unregistered them completely. Thus making a certain select group ineligible to vote. Then there are those who cast votes via absentee ballot. Ever think of that possibility?

No Such Thing As Being Hack Proof
The DNC, pentagon, email, social media accounts and dozens of banking sites have been hacked proving there's no such thing as being 100% secure. The best we hope it doesn't screw with our finances and proof of ownership. About all we can do is-- (1) Insist on paper documentation whenever possible. (2) Not allow companies to force us to prove our innocence through no fault of our own. (3) Deal in cash whenever possible. (4) Check online our voter registrations, financial accounts and all the others challenging them whenever something seems fishy.

Most importantly, we shouldn't allow any company or government agency to get away with putting the burden of proof for our innocence on us because of their screw ups.

Course if ya wanna take more main stream advice and views then my own check out 'Forbes" on "How To Protect Yourself. They're far less curmudgeon.

In case I didn't give you enough to worry about...

Renters-- You Aren't Off The Hook

Landlords May Be No Better Off Either

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