Sunday, September 3, 2017

Labor Day Related Videos

With emphasis on immigration.

Rural Pennsylvania Braces for Labor Shortages After Immigration Crackdown

1950s USA, Mexican Immigrant Labor, Braceros

I decided to post these videos for labor day this year because of their relevance with what's going on with this administration.

There's two main things which concern me beyond the ethical issues. (1) Unless we want to import our agriculture products from likely contaminated 3rd world countries we best listen to these farmers. (2) Does anyone really believe for one minute Americans will take these workers places in the fields?

Annie and her ilk say, screw the American farmer

Go ahead throw these workers out. Ignore what these American farmers are saying, but don't complain when a tomato (if we can even get one) cost a buck apiece. Yeah let Mexico have us by the throat if we want to eat. Brilliant Annie... simply brilliant. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

We should count our blessing these people come here to work in our fields and be thanking them instead of you and Trump hating on them.

And that's my message this labor day 2017.

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