Saturday, September 9, 2017

Facebook Memes The Russians Used

'The Daily Beast'-- "Facebook finally admitted that the Russians tried to weaponize the social network to sway the election. Here are some of the arms in that propaganda arsenal.

I can't tell you the amount of times I seen those on various posts. I can honestly say I found by far the greatest number of these were posted right on DT's Twitter account by those commenting. Even DT himself got in on the act retweeting one of the memes someone posted allegedly created by the Russians

Maybe some of DT's followers might want to reconsider before posting these.

I wonder how many thinking they are being all-American cheerleaders for Trump realize instead being used to help spread Russian propaganda. Course if someone likes what they say who cares if it's Putin poison, eh?

Of course I fully expect the hardened to be in denial accusing this being more leftie propaganda. Russians-- what Russians-- ain't no Russians. The whole thing is nothing but a "witch hunt". All them memes hating on snowflakes is American as apple pie. Certainly Putin wouldn't want drive a wedge between Americans. Why would he? He's not that kind of guy, right?

In the old days during war each nation used radio broadcast and dropped leaflets and continued to do so years after. Why is accepting each and every nation continue to do so up onto this very day via social media so difficult to admit?

We do it. They do it. Terrorists do it. Everybody does it. If it's done well enough some dupes will fall for it.

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