Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Bernie Sanders On Medicare For All Campaign

The Politics
Of course I'm 100% certain it'll never get to the floor on either side of the capital dome for consideration. Hell it's lucky if committee members would even allow it to be brought up in their meetings. It's far more likely to end up in the no-can-do pile gathering dust in a closet somewhere. That said-- for some time now conservatives accused liberals of having no plan for healthcare. That the Democratic party is in disarray. Ought to be interesting to see just how true that is.

There are 192 Democrats in the House. Another 44 in the Senate plus two more Independents who caucus with the Democrats. Just what if Senator Sanders is able to round up a hundred or so who were willing to publicly support such a bill. Sure they may not be able to pry it out of committee, but it could make the upcoming election very interesting.

Is It Practical Financially?
Well if it's done right I think so. The first argument right out of the box goes something like this--"I don't want to be forced to pay for someone else". Here's a flash-- we already do. What do they think, hospitals and aging homes provide services for free? No they get reimbursed from somewhere. Guess were that is. Us in the form of higher premiums and co pays.

The biggest problem we have right now is workers are getting hit three ways. One through reduced wages because companies factor in their medical costs. The second paying higher premiums and co pays for those who refuse to buy insurance then stiff the system once the bills become to high. The third is all workers are already paying through wage deductions for Medicare without getting any it's benefits until they're 65-- if they make it that far. Otherwise they don't get diddly squat.

One of the biggest faults with Medicare is it only covers those 65 years old and up. Obviously a very unsound business practice by any measure. Imagine if you will instead bringing in three times more mostly healthy middle aged and younger people contributing into the program. Imagine those employers who provide healthcare being relieved of such a burden. In most cases they could provide increased pay to cover an employees increased Medicare deduction (if there were to be one). Companies might even be able to pocket a little bit of extra loot left over for themselves.

I'd even go far as to bet for many people what they spend on co pays alone totals up more then what Medicare would cost. Possibly even some left over to get supplemental coverage.

Dem Is Just My Opinions
Them and a buck won't get you a cup of coffee. However I still think it's worth our time to take a serious look into it. We haven't done it before. The idea has been tossed around like a political football for years. Let some of our congress members hash it out and see what kind of bill they can come up with. Then run it past the CBO. No harm no foul. If critics want to shut Bernie up for once and all this would be the way to go about it. Course on the other hand-- just what if?

Republicans had their chance to come up with a better plan then Obamacare and failed to either improve it or eliminate it. Would it be so crazy to consider Bernie Sanders may be onto something. Why not--- congress wasted the last 8 years--what's 1 more?

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