Saturday, August 5, 2017

Two TV Shows Pertinent Today As When They Aired

First off I want to apologize if this post takes a while to load because of the number of videos enclosed. I found "Google Chrome" does the best job. That said, I think every one of the following videos are as pertinent today as when they first aired. See if you agree.

"The Newsroom"
Rinos, Real Republicans, The Tea Party, The Founding Fathers on religion and more

"The West Wing" on gays in the military

"The Newsroom" Booing a Gay Soldier

"The West Wing" budget negotiations

"The West Wing" on unfunded mandates

"The West Wing" on gun control

"The Newsroom" Will McAvoy's apology on behalf of the media.

Many of the same issues we are speaking about this very day are still the same ones we faced for years. The thing that did change is how both political parties have become cult like religions to their followers. A point where almost all logic, respect and reasonableness has been dispensed giving way to blind allegiances. When a nation of people put their divisions above the principal of the godlike commonality of us all there will be no winners.

Throughout history one nation after another, when it became too corrupt or fractionalized, each has fallen no matter how great they once stood. I'll bet no one ever thought that could happen in each of theirs back in their time of greatness. Let's not deceive ourselves into believing the United States will be the only exception. We need to wake up if it isn't too late already.

Finally I want to leave you with this video of actor Martin Sheen speaking on "WE Day" in 2010.

Wikipedia: "WE Charity is a children's charity founded in 1995 by child's rights advocate Craig Kielburger. Since 2007, WE Day participants in Canada, the U.S. and UK have raised $45 million, which was given to more than 1,000 charities."

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