Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Trump Outmatched By Putin?

At the July 7, 2017 G-20 summit meeting Putin and Trump met privately separate from the official meeting which was scheduled. It was reported -- "The only person present aside from Trump and Putin was a Russian interpreter. No American interpreter was present."

Was Trump Snookered?
Who are you kidding. Never underestimate Putin The guy understands and speaks English and German very well. Could it be the "interpreter" was actually a close advisor to Putin? Who knows how he might have been advising Putin's response since Trump doesn't understand a single word of Russian? Maybe Donald should have spoken to Hillary Clinton's former team at the State Department who could have clued him in.

Putin surprised Germans with his language abilities

Oh... and Putin also has other talents?
Can Trump top that?

Years back if either were unknowns auditioning for TV who knows how it would have turned out. Would the show have been called "Celebrity Apprentice" or "Putiin's Put-On's"? One would be like the "Gong Show", the other similar to "Hogan's Heroes" ('I knows nothing')? Ill leave it to my readers to decided which would be which.

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