Sunday, August 13, 2017

Thinking About Cutting Cable Cord?

I've brought this up before.

In it I mentioned how I thought this was a really bad idea.

"NEW YORK (AP) -- The future of TV may well be a mishmash of streaming services that could rival the cost of a $100 cable bundle - but that are way more difficult to use,,,

If you want to see the edgy shows everyone talks about, then Netflix is, for most, $10 a month; Amazon is $8.25 a month if you sign up for a year. Hulu starts at $8. HBO Now, $15.

Tickled by ads for a specific network show? "The Sinner," an eerie-looking new Jessica Biel vehicle on USA, costs $20 on Amazon for the season. All that together is already more than $60 a month. It's even worse if you're a sports fan. MLB.TV is $113 for the year, and you won't get hometeam games ."

My Comments
Talk about a scam. The big corporate entertainment companies (greedy pigs) are holding back some of their best shows for each of their wholly owned streaming services ($). Meanwhile putting out crap on the dozens of channels they allow cable companies to offer.

Hey, I didn't just fall off the turnip truck. How long does anyone think it will be before the prices go up triple and early termination fees begin if they get enough suckers onboard. All this is an effort to cut out the middle man and pocket all the loot for themselves. It also stands to reason cable companies who supply many of the internet connections when they start losing money will start charging more for the internet. After all there's no way you can stream without an internet provider. The only other option is to watch them on a smartphone or iPad. Don't think for a moment cell phone providers won't realize they have ya by the gonads either if enough people fall for this. Yeah and so much for BIG SCREEN TV!

Cable companies (not to become extinct) are already offering DVR's automatically linked to checking accounts to pay for these new streaming service offerings.

I Say, Enough Already!
It ain't never gonna happen for me. As much as I enjoy sports, news and entertainment programming I refuse to be taken to the cleaners by these schemers There will come a tipping point (not so far in the future) where the trade off isn't worth it. I'm already paying $170+ a month for cable TV/phone/internet. If there comes a time nothing is worth watching on the 100 channels or so I have already have what's the point?


What Say You?

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