Friday, August 11, 2017

Launch Of CNN 1980

Cable News all began with Ted Turner's CNN at 5:00PM on June 1st 1980. It was the first ever shot at broadcasting the news 24/7.

CNN: The Early Days

CNN's First Hour: June 1, 1980

Somehow since that time it, along with all the others devolved into nonstop split screen jibber jabber BS commentary. Wouldn't it be great if one--JUST ONE- would go back to cable news' core mission of informing and educating viewers?

I really truly wish they would. I'm sick to death of the lot of them. Imagine for one moment a TV news channel where you could go and get actual traditional reporting. I don't give a crap what any of these so called analysts (pundits) think. Frankly most of them don't know more then any of us do. They're nothing more then BS artists who make a living off of this kind of stuff.

Stop talking down to us like we're idiots. How about this concept. Just give us the facts. Then adopt this policy for your news format-- "We report--You decide".

Some things evolve for the better. A bunch of chattering monkeys (sometimes hostile) in a bunch of split screens isn't one of them. Yeah sure it may be a helll'va lot cheaper then "real" reporters but viewers could get the same banter sitting in a bar down the street from Cliff Clavin.

Cable News-- Yeah it's a bit like that!

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