Sunday, August 13, 2017

I Remain Unchallenged In August So Far

This month so far I've spoken about the costs for streaming video, network news (how it's changed), unrest in Charlottesville, why North Korea may be doing what it does, why medical costs are out of control, the negative effects of the border wall, immigration, on Putin's dealings with Donald Trump and other stuff in between.

Fourteen (14) items so far in the first thirteen (13) days of August 2017. To date I've received zero comments in response. Does this mean everyone agrees or are uninterested?

Perhaps I'm laboring under a misapprehension these things were important to others as myself.

I realize I've been down this road many times before asking for input, but I am asking once again. Pending otherwise I see no reason to go to great lengths with these kind of posts if they are of no value to my readers.

All I'm asking is to take a few minutes to give me some feedback. It would be greatly appreciated.

1 comment:

  1. I am a casual reader of your blog and essentially recognize you as left leaning liberal. Though I don't usually comment on your posts, I do believe you have a right to your opinion! After all, who am I to diametrically oppose your position, values and ideology.


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