Friday, August 11, 2017

Cedar Beach Another Shoe About To Drop?

Emily tweeted this rather cryptic message...

Although I may not be realistic I'd like to see everyone involved in the fiasco be sued, bulldoze the pool under and use the money awards to hand out passes to Dorney Park so kids could swim next year. We've already committed $3.3 million to this boondoggle. I feel taxpayers deserve at least some sort of compensation.

I posted at length about this before. I'm not going into it again. But I did state in the past we'd be better off granting passes to Dorney Park where most of the kids who use our pools would be far happier with the water park and rides at Dorney Park. I also mentioned liability issues Allentown would be relieved of as well as the labor and maintenance costs associated with these water attractions within our parks.

We might want to think along these same lines as well now that we learned the Allentown Golf course is over $200,000 in the red.

I'm going to go one step even further in saying, what we spend on playground equipment, pools, golfing, city management and other incidentals like policing of them would be better spent issuing passes to private venues. All of these costs the city incurs for these can wildly fluctuate. Allocating a certain number of dollars each year for passes seems like a wiser choice where there are no surprises or pensions costs involved. Tell me one kid who wouldn't rather go to Dorney Park or a golfer who wouldn't want to play on different courses from time to time.

We don't necessarily have to foot the whole costs, but under the current system we most certainly do. I'm not convinced the city should be in these type of ventures since we're apparently not very good at them. Things change. The city shouldn't try and compete with other venues. Instead use whatever financial resources they would have spent otherwise go towards the kind of things people would stand in line for.

I further urge policy makers to put it before the people. See which they'd prefer. Money for parks or passes?

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