Sunday, July 16, 2017

What Is Reality?

Simply put, awareness is all there is. The concept of a physical world existing is just that... a concept. Let us begin our understanding here...


In other words we live in a two dimensional world with an implied 3rd dimension (via our senses) in which there are an infinite number of other possibilities.

How this plays out in the universe...

In other words...

The only thing that is exists is a single awareness with an infinite number possibilities (individuals) and so-called physical outcomes to each.

I've studied numerous near death experiences. Each have in common a understanding of all peoples thoughts and things occurring simultaneously. Something which cannot be understood within our limited embodiment. In other words what we ascribe to being within GOD's realm. If we are to accept this then it could be said all are one and whatever transpires within becomes unable to affect the whole which is beyond.. Which leads me to believe what occurs as we sleep exists as much grounded in reality as when we're awake even though we cannot bind the two to our daily limited physical conscious perceptions of this.

In short... conscious awareness is all that exists. That is the commonality of us all. Conflict and suffering is an illusion created by human beings unaware of the understanding of their true nature. That being... all that appears separate is another aspect of the whole expressing itself in it's many ways.

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