Thursday, July 27, 2017

Thoughts On Pawlowski Indictment

I don't wish to discuss either his guilt or innocence. People can believe what they want by reading the entire 60 page indictment posted courtesy of WFMZ. I held off posting on the Allentown mayor's legal troubles because there's a tremendous amount of coverage already out there in newspapers, TV and on the blogs however I do have some thoughts.

This Could Drag On For Years
The mayor absolutely insist he will not step down or withdraw from the upcoming election. Of course not, why would he?

According to the 2017 city budget (page #23) he receives a salary of $95,000 a year. Every week he stays in office is another $1,826 in his pocket. Knowing Allentown voters, they will likely reelect him. That's just how they roll.

After his assumed election victory I'm almost certain he will try to delay his trial as long as possible. For example, if he could drag this out over two years it could mean another $190,000 to him in salary alone. Factor in his continued ability to seek campaign funding (which can be used for his legal defense) means more loot for both he and his lawyer.

Even That May Nor Be The End Of It
Let us not forget about the 'appeal' process. Council couldn't make a move to remove him until his appeals were exhausted. If they tried it could cost Allentown taxpayers a small fortune if the mayor was so determined to fight it. He may not be right to do so or even win, but taxpayers would be on the hook for a team of lawyers to litigate the issue. Not to mention how miserable the mayor could make it for everyone he took displeasure with.

Voters Beware
It could only be the beginning of what might become a lot nastier then what we've seen up to now if he manages to get reelected. If it does or doesn't lies in voters hands this fall. Given the Allentown voters history hang on to your hats. It could a bumpy ride unlike we've ever experienced in Allentown if this plays out as I suggested.

If it does the voters (and non voters) will only have themselves to blame. They can choose either to make this go away or not in a few months. This is not something council nor city government can resolve on their own.

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