Sunday, July 30, 2017

Quick Look At Trump Administration's 2018 Budget Proposal

As Of May 2017 Trump's 2018 budget proposal (in brief). See link above for greater details. FEDERAL CIVILIAN EMPLOYMENT IN THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH
-3,800 EPA (24.3% cut)
-4,600 Agriculture (5.2% cut)
-1,000 Education (3.8 % cut)
-4,100 Interior (6.3% cut)
-2,400 Justice (2.1% cut)
-1,400 State Department (4.0% cut)
-5,900 Treasury (6.3% cut)

+9,400 Defense (1.3% increase)
+8,000 Homeland Security (4.4% Increase)
+7,000 Veteran Affairs (2.2% increase)

Net 1,000 Less Employees

16,186 Less (.4% cut)
Grand total, personnel costs +1.9%
Pensions & Health +2.8%

The Federal Government has more than 2.1 million civilian workers and 1.3 million active duty military serving throughout the country and the world.

Overall Budget Impact
CNBC (07/13/2017-- "President Donald Trump's budget would reduce the federal deficit — but it would not balance the budget over a decade as the White House promised, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said.. The U.S. would run a budget deficit of $720 billion in 2027, versus the surplus that the White House projected under its policy, according to CBO estimates." Here's the link to the CBO's Analysis of the President’s 2018 Budget

Other Miscellaneous Federal Employment Information
Currently, 50 countries and international organizations are without a US ambassador.
Currently there are 136 judicial vacancies (with only 24 pending nominations)
As of April 2017 468 of the 556 government positions remained unfilled
In April 2017 Trump Gutted The State Department 1/2 Of Top Jobs Were Still Unfilled
Here’s a list of people Trump has fired or threatened to fire as of July 20, 2017

Generally I see overall greater spending emphasis being put on the military. One must keep in mind the Post Office and Social Security budgets are separate. With potential reductions to those budgets plus looming reductions (other then the military) these would have the greatest impact on the majority of Americans. I realize we can't do it all, but when we're spending 10's of billions on aircraft carriers and grounded F-35 jets costing billions more we need to look at military spending and waste first before any of these cost cutting measures are considered.

The military takes up over half of our discretionary spending. Currently the United States spends more then the next 8 countries combined..

Published on Dec 10, 2016

We have a clear choice to make when it comes to government spending. Do we want to make America great by producing more war machines to threaten other countries? Or programs directly befitting us within? Seems to me the choice is clear.

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