Monday, July 31, 2017

Future Of Fossil Fuels And The United States

While Britain is banning new diesel & gasoline powered cars by 2040 and Germany by 2030 and France by 2040 and Norway by 2025 Trump wants to build a whole bunch of new pipelines and expand drilling. And he doesn't like competition. Could this be the real reason why he's announcing new sanctions on Venezuela targeting their oil sector?

Snooze.. You Lose
Folks we're headed in the wrong direction. In a decade or few we'll be so far behind we might as well be promoting coal fired steam locomotives & kerosene lamps. There's no amount of drilling or pipe lines that will move us to economic predominance in the future when it comes to energy production. Even Saudi Arabia is spending $50 billion on solar and wind investments.

Each country is capable of producing their own in some way. Which would pretty much make us SOL if we're planning to base a future economy driven by fossil fuels.

Coal and it's mining is dirty. Fracking is dirty. Drilling is dirty. Pipelines are intrusive, leak and are dirty. Alternative energy on the other hand (electricity) won't pollute our air, land and waterways.

Electricity can be produced in many ways. Solar, wind, biomass (plant/human waste), water turbines, ocean waves and so forth. All which are less damaging to the Earth. This while relegating the need to go to war with one another over oil deposits and who's economies are in ever changing flux because of them.

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