Friday, July 28, 2017

Ain't White House It's A Nut House

Gonna talk about a bunch of stuff. Usually I post a bunch of links. Not this time. If anyone's interested I'll be more then happy to post links to what I'm about to say.

White House foul mouthed communication director Anthony Scaramucci hates Chief of staff Reince Priebus guts. He also hates Steve Bannon the White House Chief Strategist. Both of them fought like hell with Trump not to appoint the mooch. Instead Trump has said he enjoys the commotion they've displayed publicly. For the moment Trump may enjoy mini-me Scaramucci but we all know Donald doesn't like someone getting more attention the himself. This won't last long.

Speaking of the 'mooch'... in an interview with 'The New Yorker Magazine' he said to the reporter he has the goods on all the leakers because (even before he has a security clearance) he got the information from the DOJ and FBI who leaked it to him. HUIH?

A few days ago the head of ICE (Thomas Homan ) in the White House briefing room said he doesn't care if someone is reporting a terrorist or a member of MS-13, if they are here unapproved (whether they did illegal acts or not) they will be deported PERIOD! Forget about Obama's ' DREAM ACT" all are considered illegal and will be rounded up and deported despite what Trump said previously.

Trump has bad mouthed just about everyone he's appointed after a few months time. He's criticized just about every agency and everyone at some point including congress, judges, states and just about anyone else you can think of. Anything that went well he lays claim to. Anything that goes bad is always someone's else's failure.

Good or bad it doesn't matter, No matter what it is (even he once agreed) if Obama's name is attached to it he's gonna trash it.

Even though Trump won the election he insists Hillary was in collusion with the Russians since the day he was sworn in. Well if she was it sure looks like the Russians didn't do her any favors. Trump's still whining about her emails and her money resources. This while revealing not a single one of his own. NEWS FLASH: You Won!

Then there's Trump's policy making via twitter. One example is the other day with "his" ban on transsexuals in the military. No one at the pentagon saw it coming. When Obama was in the oval office before this was approved he met with pentagon officials from each of the branches, various groups and others for eight months before issuing his executive order approval. Even then the plan was to start phasing it in within 60 days over the next year or so. Even Trump's own staff was caught off guard. This is some crazy stuff.

It's kind of crazy for Trump to claim Democrats are weak and disheveled while at the same time accusing them of being united and opposed to all he wishes to accomplish. Somebody tell him he has Republicans in both sides of Congress just waiting in the wings if he would only start making proposals that makes sense.

In my lifetime I've lived under many administrations I didn't agree with but never one as screwed up as this one. Each had some sort of direction or plan. This one is like a wrecking ball bouncing off the walls almost daily. None who had a uniformed imbecile in charge such as this one who lacks all leadership or control over himself or those he's charged with.

Face it.. This president is FOS!

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