Monday, May 8, 2017

Understanding The Immigrant And Refugee Problem

What inspired me to write this post was something I watched on CBS's "60 Minutes". CBS news reported a story entitled, Deported man's wife and friends rethink voting for Trump.

The '60 Minutes' Video

So here we have a guy who came here many years ago not to take American jobs away or mooch off the government, but rather to seek a better life. He ended up paying taxes and creating 20 new jobs at the restaurant he owned. His only sin was coming here undocumented. Then marrying and raising three kids (now left behind on their own). Not one of the "bad hombres" Trump spoke of.

Most certainly no nation can survive without the rule of law. However laws alone--without commonsense justice being applied is not safe for anyone. Including it's own people. Germany under Hitler allowed laws making it legal to exterminate anyone not of pure Caucasian decent. Much like radical Islamic fundamentalists' against Christians today. Proving laws alone don't make for humane conditions. Laws alone without individual considerations can be detrimental to the very ideologies they claim to represent. As such those policies need to be scrutinized no matter who's in power.

Donald Trump was right--the "bad hombres" need to go. Unfortunately what I'm seeing carried out is something far different from his words.

No I don't enjoy jobs going to Mexico. But either some of these jobs go there or else some will continue coming here seeking them. Which would you prefer?

Here's Something Else To Think About
Maybe if the U.S. weren't bombing the crap out Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, cities in Iraq and a half dozen other places these people wouldn't be forced to scatter like ants. Same goes with our meddling with South American governments. Seems to me in our attempt to bring so called better lives to these people we made life a living hell for them instead. Can anyone prove we were directly threatened by any one of them?

If we really truly want to end our refugee problems we need to stop producing them.

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