Monday, May 15, 2017

Sanitizing The News

I just did a post about some of the local radio of yester year. This reminded me how some of the stories never get told. Never mind who, but years ago when I worked in radio I reported on an attempted suicide from someone who jumped off a bridge back in the 70's. I left out a few of the details The true back story was this guy had a fight with his girlfriend who bit off his penis. He was in such pain he attempted to end his life a few blocks away by jumping off a bridge into the Little Lehigh (he survived). The apartment where this took place was blood splattered after this guy ran around in excruciating pain.

I doubt whether any reporter is going to report on everything they come to learn. Nor are some of the crimes in Allentown more gruesome then they were back then. During my short career in radio I experienced local mob leaders who tried to influence my news stories when I worked in radio at a young age. This is why I'm a lot more careful about what I post here and my identity.

The point is this. Whether it be local news reporters or the companies they work for--none are worth taking the risk in reporting everything they come across. Something to keep in mind when people read these various reports in the news. Not only are there legal financial risks involved but sometimes physical ones as well. Hence why not what everyone sees reported in the media may be the entire story. After all there's only so much to expect from people and companies trying to make a living off of reporting the news.

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