Monday, May 15, 2017

Remember Uncle Bob At WEEX?

This goes back to 1998 when Uncle Bob (Pagani) hosted a morning show on 1230AM WEEX in Easton when LV radio was still at the top of their game. I use to listen to this clown every morning when I could on my way to work. Of course this was before he was fired (as expected he would be eventually).

He pulled off some of the greatest stunts. One of them was when he supposedly locked himself inside WEEX supposedly taking it hostage for the better part of the day. On another occasion scientists in Switzerland claimed to have discovered cold fusion. Doesn't Bob call them in the middle of their night to ask, "how do we know you're not full of shit". It eventually turned out they were.

The Morning Call did a write up of him--for those not familiar.

Talk about fake news...
After he left he turned up in 2006 pulling off this Powerball Hoax..

I still follow his YouTube videos

He like other radio personalities of their days did some crazy stuff. At one time Joey Reynolds after getting fired at WKBW in Buffalo, NY turned up at WFIL (famous 56 radio) in Philadelphia. He managed to get himself fired there after pretending to be a DJ from WIP giving away WIP's $1,000 prize.

I'll share one more story I heard second hand. Take it for what it's worth. "Uncle Tom" (Livesley) once worked at WKAP when it was 1320AM in the 50's. He constantly harassed Allentown city hall. Who knows if half his stories were true, but he did get fired only to turn up at WHOL a few years later. Before WHOL could fire him for the numerous lawsuits he kept bringing on them I was told he managed to piss off Allentown detectives so much so they took him for a ride after his show one day to show him where bodies turned up down by the canal at the Lehigh River. Tom quit and left for Florida the same day. Maybe it was a fake story. Who knows, but that's what I was told.

Damn those were the days :-)

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