Tuesday, May 2, 2017

My View Of Political Party Differences

Before I begin, here is NOT what I'm referring to. Local party affiliations. In state and local elections many candidates will pick either party in an attempt to run unopposed in the primaries. Neither am I talking about extremists claiming to represent either party. We all know some of the things a few wackos say from time to time. One or two screwballs with their outlandish claims and behaviors--while they may get attention--are not representative of either party as a whole.

"The Left" has gone off the deep end and has become too extreme.
Here's the way I think of it. Most everyone should be able to relate. Every year we go to the shore The family walks to the beach directly behind the hotel for a swim in the ocean. After about a half hour or hour in the water you look up say "what the hell" the hotel now looks like it's four blocks up the shoreline from where we entered the water. As everyone knows the motel didn't move. We have--by being unaware how far we drifted from where we started.

As I see it this is where the Republican party stands today. Somehow believing "The Left" is far away from where it always stood. Democrats always believed in labor unions, national healthcare (Medicare was suppose to be the first step), Social Security/Pensions, social and art programs to name a few. Conservatives act as if this was some shocking new development. Could it be they drifted further away from their original beliefs instead?

"The Right" are representative of Donald Trump Ideologies
I don't believe that for one minute. Most mainstream supporters on "the right" are no where near holding many of the ever changing extreme views of Trump. Nor are conservatives well represented by FOX news and some of their own party leaders in the House and Senate. The problem is too many hardliners with selfish motives infiltrated not holding the party's best interest nor it's traditional ideologies in mind.

Here's what I believe
Both parties need to do some weeding out. Both sides have to denounce other members of their own party who are too extreme not representing their party's core values. The divisiveness coming from both sides is not helpful for either one to fulfill their objectives. Well spoken major players from both parties need to speak together side by side at the same time making themselves more available both on TV and appearances in public events. What we have today is one side, then the other holding rallies and town hall meetings trashing the other. I don't think it's too much to ask someone from the other side to sit down together to discuss their differences in public in a calm and respectful manner. I understand how the squeaky wheel gets the most attention, but this finger pointing serves no one well.

None of this means there always has to be compromise. There is such a thing as common ground which can be found if one's willing. I'm certain conservatives would agree to a national healthcare plan if it would mean the medical industry would benefit. The answer lies in listening to those running these companies not influenced by insincere players trying to game the system. So too Democrats have to acknowledge Republicans' need for more conservative values. Those such as for less dependency on federal government to solve all the social needs of those unwilling to help themselves. Certain individuals pumping out babies knowing they can't afford them (despite free birth control) or pretending everyone deserves a free education if they're not willing to do the hard work it takes to maintain a certain level of proficiency.

I truly believe both parties are not as far apart as they think they are for the most part if each are willing to ignore the radicals in them both. Which brings me to..

Donald Trump
A divider. Not A Uniter
I truly mean this in the sincerest way possible--something's wrong. This is not a criticism. He's angry with any one, organization or any rule of law that stands in his way including the constitution and rules in congress. I really don't think he wants to become a ruler, but there's something about him making him unable to comprehend what most understand. Sooner or later both parties will have to acknowledge we may have a leader who suffers issues. I'm not stating this in a mean spirited way but one rather out of concern.

If this is so--we need both parties now more then ever to come together like never before. I see many people mean tweeting and on the media bashing him. There's greater concerns at risk here. Too many are treating this as some sort of game. Others who are assuming the guy can handle the stress of being president. I'm leaning towards a leader who needs more understanding rather then someone who should be antagonized for what may be a human condition we're assuming he can handle. The United States may be traveling down a path we never had to face before. Believe me when I say I truly hope it isn't so, but we need to consider the possibility Donald may suffer from issues yet to be disclosed.

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