Monday, May 8, 2017

My Response To "Lower Mac News & Issues"

The blog "Lower Mac News & Issues" posted this today--
Lehigh County is not a “Sanctuary City”

Unfortunately the operator of that blog (Ron Beitler a Lower Macungie Commissioner) only allows comments for registered users of FaceBook. Since I refuse to join FaceBook I will respond here instead.. Couple Points As I Understand Them.

(1) Federal laws don't protect (exonerate from liability) states, counties nor municipalities if they should detain someone 1 day beyond incarceration for something someone committed within these jurisdictions of law.

(2) Nor provide compensation to them for enforcement of federal laws.

In my opinion--local jurisdictions have neither the authority nor obligation to enforce federal laws. Especially being uncompensated for them. I'm further of the opinion these have only a obligation to notify federal officials of someone they have in their custody up until the time of their release. At which time federal agents can either show up at the time of their release or not.

Neither do I feel state nor local enforcement has the obligation to question and report those they come across from time to time in their regular police duties unless they choose to do so.

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