Friday, May 19, 2017

Lehigh Valley Growth. Bah Humbug

I say bah humbug to the explosive development going on throughout the Lehigh Valley. Who needs it. I sure don't.

The 'Morning Call' published some developer wants to "..include more than 700 single family homes, twin homes and apartment units as well as commercial space on Cedar Crest between Walbert Avenue and Huckleberry Road."

More people means they need more jobs. More jobs more people. More, more, more of everything means.. Less fertile fields available for planting.
More schools means more taxes.
Less surplus water available.
With more people comes more crime.
With more crime comes more police funding that will be needed.
Increased driver aggravation with bottlnecks and accidents
I could list so many more issues but those would be my top six peeves. I have so much more to say but I wanted to make my point short as possible. I'd be happy to expand on this in the comment section if there's a interest.

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