Monday, May 15, 2017

Importance Of Local Elections

It never ceases to amaze how people will wait in line--sometimes for hours--to cast their vote in national elections. Yet come time to elect local officials only a fraction show up.

Things like streets, water, trash, policing property taxes, emergency services, parking, zoning and a who host of others that impact us directly all occur at the local level. Few ever will directly affected by what the scrum does in Washington, that's for certain. I can't tell you the number of complaints I heard about what goes on Washington and how people can't wait to vote them out. Yet little more then a handful ever turn out for local elections. Why is that?

People need to start asking themselves what ticks them off the most. I'd suggest making a list of the top five pet peeves they have. Nine out of tern times it something only local leaders can do something about. Then go out and vote for the candidates they feel will address them.

The Washington bunch aren't going to address property taxes, parking problems, who gets to build what where, how the parks look, how well streets are plowed/maintained or enact local ordnances specific to each municipality--to name a few.

So now get out there and vote !
Do something about these things..

One of my pet peeves is those who complain why I'm not out there hammering away at meetings. Here's how I feel. After being on countless committees frustrating myself where I once worked, I came to realize management stacked the deck. They already had a predetermined outcome they expected. Much is the same with how these politicians form their committees and commissions. Even if such a group were to oppose management (in this case elected officials) they always have the final say. In the past I've been subject to what happens when someone opposes those in power. I'm not going to repeat those same costly and emotionally draining mistakes on neither my family or myself again. Been there done that.

To those with greater courage--may you have greater resources and stamina then I to pursue your ideas. As for me--over the years I've concluded although I couldn't choose those unelected corporate management leaders, when it comes to local issues by electing political leaders I certainly can. By voting for those who seem to hold the same views is where I feel I can be most effective.

At this point in my life I'll just stick to this blog and voting in all the elections as my way of making my voice heard.

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