Friday, May 5, 2017

House Passes Healthcare Bill--SO WHAT!

Take a look at the celebration.
What I see is a bunch of foolish old white men in premature celebration cozying up to Donald.

The reasons I held off posting about this drama.
It's totally meaningless until it passes in the Senate. It's too early for a victory celebration. The Senate plans to either make amendments or write one of their own. Which means all this goes back to the house where likely it will collapse yet again. If it does this means Obamacare remains as is.

No matter who says what this bill is far from a done deal. Nobody needs to panic just yet over what's included or not. What will become significant is how Republicans are going to deal with this after there's a failure to pass another bill.

I highly doubt there will come about a change in the current healthcare legislation. With all the misrepresentations coming from both sides... that may be a good thing.

In the unlikely scenario a new healthcare bill should come to pass I will have plenty to say.

As for now--everyone can take a...

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