Wednesday, May 17, 2017

FOX News Comes Up With Extremely Flawed Logic

The Daily Beast
‘Fox & Friends’: James Comey Might Be a Criminal
"Former FBI Director James Comey could well be criminally liable for keeping notes on—but not immediately reporting—President Trump’s alleged request to quash the Mike Flynn investigation... by withholding his memo to self about his private Oval Office chat with Trump the day after National Security Adviser Flynn was fired, “If you don’t report it immediately, then that’s against the law."

Now that that right there is some really flawed logic. It appears they are implying Comey either ignored or participated in some sort of cover up in Trump's alleged illegal activity. Something akin to aiding and abetting a criminal. Going by these guys' kind of logic, wouldn't this imply Trump is a criminal?

Sorry I misunderstood. I thought you guys were on Trumps's side.

With (FOX &) friends like you--who needs enemies.

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