Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Dorney Park's History (2 Videos)

For you local history buffs I present a brief part of Dorney Park's history.

While the following videos are entirely edited and narrated by me, I want everyone to know the following videos in their entirety come from the paperback "Images Of America: Dorney Park" published by Arcadia Publishing written by Wally Ely & the late Bob Ott.

It is not my intention in anyway what-so-ever to leave my viewers with the impression that I in anyway profit nor have in any way had a part of the penmanship of the book.

Nor it is my intention to violate the publishers nor authors of this work. I simply enjoyed the book so much that I was inspired to create a video documentary verbatim from the pages of this book.

Think of the following videos as a teaser. I'm only partially presenting three of the chapters of an eight chapter book.

I strongly encourage anyone interested in the history of Dorney Park to go out and buy this totally unique historical book.

You can either click on the picture or HERE

The late Bob Ott himself left lots more information at..
"Laff In The Dark"

PBS 39 also did a fantastic job on a one hour program about ALL the area's old amusement parks called:
Carousel of Memories

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