Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Brief Opinion On Allentown Election Results (Follow Up)

A few hours ago I did a post about the Allentown primaries. Also about something FOX News talked about. I'm not getting any feedback. Since I don't do this for profit--the only payoff for me is to hear back once and a while. I'm certainly no fan of getting a bunch of responses. Still it's nice to hear from some of my readers as to what they think about some of the things I've brought up.

Years ago my boss once explained to me when I worked on country radio--before it became popular--lots of people listen, but they don't want others to know it. Seems kind of fitting since I know the number of people who read this blog daily Yet it's something I have a tough time accepting for some reason. Not like I haven't mentioned this numerous times over these last eight years :-)

Perhaps I should think in terms of this being a personal diary of my thoughts that people sometimes like to snoop occasionally but they too don't want to admit it.

With that said and the election behind--I'm ready to move on to other things I enjoy...

Have A Great Day


  1. Allentown's primary election results illustrate the divide within the city. The uniformed/clueless versus the small minority of informed/knowledgeable voters. Ed Pawlowski, the shrewd and deceiving mayor, found the perfect chemistry to steal the election. Appeal to the center-city residents and capture one side of town [the East Side]. I can see the residents of center-city, who have no idea how this man operates, may believe that corruption is expected from a politician, but it shows the integrity of the East Side voters. Only in Allentown!

    1. ....corruption is expected from a politician, but it shows the integrity of the East Side voters.

      It's often said voters get what they deserve. Unfortunately since only 1,700 or so voted for him, the other 116,000 of Allentown's residents will be unfairly impacted by whatever comes.

      Whether someone caste their vote for another candidate (even those who didn't bother to get off their ass and vote) 98% will be affected one way or the other by those who did vote for him.

      So I'm not too sure in the case voters deserve what they got.

  2. Here is more bad news. Hyman is a poor replacement candidate, and any Independent who files will likely draw whatever votes they get mostly from him.....So the morons will play it safe and re-elect Ed. No doubt in my mind

    1. Makes sense Chris. I feared this election outcome would have the one it did. No way will I vote for either of these candidates for mayor. Since the council members are a done deal---looks like I can save myself a trip in November unless I can find a more compelling reason to do so.

      I realize without a opposition vote for Hyman it will allow Pawlowski to win BUT Hyman has a questionable development background in my opinion. Sort of reminds me of Trump's businesses benefiting from holding office.

      I would have happily voted for Luiz Garcia. As you mentioned write-ins are a waste of vote--especially if it were a Republican in this town, So I see no reason to do that.

      The biggie for me in this election was how Ray expected West End support. Instead too many dopes went with Pawlowski.


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