Sunday, April 2, 2017

United States Pulls Back The Welcome Mat

I have no comment to offer on this post other then to say the world isn't as scary or nasty as some would have us believe.

The following items should speak for themselves.

Rejected visas keep thousands from Hawaii (03/31/2017)
Allison Schaefers | Star Advertiser (Honolulu, Hawaii)
"Hawaii will host its largest incentive travel group from China next month, but roughly 40 percent of Nu Skin’s top distributors won’t be joining their peers because their visa applications were rejected.... More than 6,000 Nu Skin distributors in China and Hong Kong qualified for the trip, but fewer than 4,000 of them were able to get approved to travel to Hawaii..."
What do Chinese people think of America? (2015)

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

"About 4.3 million fewer international travelers will visit the U.S. this year because of the bans, a revenue loss of $7.4 billion, according to Tourism Economics of Wayne, Pa. Another 6.3 million visitors and $10.8 billion that they would have spent will be lost in 2018, it estimated."

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