Saturday, April 8, 2017

Trump's Missile Launch Against Syria

I'm not going to debate who did what to who or why. Whether it was justified or not. Whether it was a false flag operation or if it was legal. What really matters is what was accomplished?

A few hours after the $60+ million dollars worth of missiles pounded one of six Assaad's air bases he went right back at it. He bombed the same city the gas attack reportedly took place as a way of flipping the finger to the world. The people there are no better off for it. The way I see it many innocent Syrians are getting bombed by their own leader, Russia, the United States, ISIS and by so-called Syrian rebels. In short there's no way we can bomb our way out of this one. So what's the answer?

Maybe it's best we stay out of this mess. Assaad may be an ahole but what's the alternative?


The so-called rebels or Russian/Iranian control?

Which is the less of all evils?

Seems to me no matter which way this turns out the Syrian people are screwed.

What A World !

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