Sunday, April 16, 2017

News Roundup (04/16/2017)

"Jane and David Matthews have had to book into a cottage for Pippa's wedding to hedge fund millionaire James on May 20. " COMMENT: Well I guess we know where this couple's priorities are.

"A three-month-old baby was summoned to the US Embassy in London for questioning after his grandfather accidentally marked that the purpose of his trip to the United States was terrorism." COMMENT: How many terrorists actually check yes?

"United Airlines claims they were trying to sit in upgraded seats without paying... The couple claims they returned to their original seats calmly. Moments later, the US Marshal appeared and escorted them off... They were able to board another flight the following day and make it to Costa Rica in time for their wedding on Thursday... The airline however claims the pair did try to sit in an upgraded seat without permission and that they refused to return to the ones they paid for." COMMENT: In this case I can sympathize with the airline. Whenever I have guests over I always make them sit on the floor or bring folding chairs. Why should I let them sit on my good furniture without paying for it.

Cooking smelly food in Italy is now a crime
Natalie O'Neill | New York Daily Post
"The couple, who was not named in the report, was ordered to pay of $2,150 fine.." COMMENT: Actually what stinks is this law. What's next in Italy--making BBQ grills illegal?

"The men, ages 43 and 22, fought over who was going to walk the dog" COMMENT: So where does this leave the dog? The article doesn't say who's gonna walk it now. America needs answers!

"...they're hoping to save money by the switch." COMMENT: Yeah well--I think this speaks for itself.

life’s most ironic moments
Courtney Bartlett | The Sun (UK)

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